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  1. Kelvington High School History
Kelvington High School was first located along Highway No. 38 in 1958.  The original school was necessitated because of rural bussing of students into Kelvington.  In 1963 the original gymnasium was added.  In 1965 there was a need for expansion and the split level was added on the north end.  In 1982 a new science lab and band room was added on the north end.  Finally, in January of 1994, construction was started on an addition of 4 classrooms and a library on the north end as well as a complete renovation to the entire school.  A completion date of September 15, 2004 was set.  The budget for the project was $2.97 million.
Kelvington High School was once part of the Wadena School Division #38.  On January 1st, 2004 the Wadena School Division amalgamated with the Shamrock School Division to form Lakeview School Division #142.  A further amalgamation took place on January 1st, 2006 when Horizon School Division #205 was formed amalgamating the school divisions of Lakeview, Sask Central, Lanigan, Wakaw, Humboldt Public, and Humboldt Rural School Divisions.
In the fall of 2007, Horizon School Division consists of 44 schools that are spread from Kelvington in the NE to Ituna in the SE to Bulyea in the SW to Wakaw in the NW.  Horizon School Division covers an area of 49,578 square km, spans 51 rural municipalities, 76 urban municipalities, approximately 6658 students attending school, over  500 teachers, 400 support staff and business personnel, and 300 substitute teachers.
Kelvington High School has been awarded several provincial championships over the years.  In 2004 the KHS Yearbook, under the direction of Mrs. Elaine Comfort, was selected as the winning yearbook in the provincial competition.  In 2006 the KHS newsletter, under the direction of Mrs. Sheila Guilbault, won the provincial newsletter competition
Kelvington High School is very successful in athletics.  Over the years various individuals and teams have captured 31 provincial championships (22 in volleyball), 19 provincial silver medals, and 14 provincial bronze medals.  The boys' volleyball team has captured provincial championships in 1990, 1991, 1992, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, and 2012.  Provincial championships by the girls' volleyball team have been won in 1976, 1980, 1984, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 2001, 2003, and 2008.  In other athletics, provincial championships have been won by Doreen Dredge in 1949 for senior girls high jump, Ruth Hendren in 1955 for senior girls long jump and high jump, Louis Tapper in 1972 for senior boys high jump, Claudette Marquette in 1975 for junior girls high jump, Claudette Marquette in 1976 for senior girls high jump, Lisa Wagner in 1980 for junior girls triple jump, Damon Steadman in 1988 for junior boys shot put, Levi Rusnell in 2009 for midget boys 4 x 100m relay, Paul Mennie is 2013 for senior boys high jump, and Ty Peterson in 2014 in junior boys shotput.
Besides winning provincial championships Kelvington High School has also won numerous provincial medals (silver and bronze).  In individual sports: 1969 Eric Beaton won a bronze medal in midget boys cross country, Rosemary Halbach in 1977 won a silver medal for senior girls cross country, senior girls curling (Korelye Kiland, Stacy Young, Karen Mennie, and Norma Derbyshire) in 1988 won a silver medal, in 2004 Chantel Tracksell won a silver medal in the midget girls 4x100m relay, Allysia Doratti in 2009 won a silver medal for senior girls javelin, Mason Nedjelski in 2009 won a silver medal for senior boys 4 x 100m relay, Dana Bocking in 2012 won a bronze for midget girls 4 X 100 m relay, Shaelyn Standish won a bronze in 2012 for junior girls long jump, Zach McChesney in 2013 won a silver in junior boys 4 X 100 m relay, Ty Peterson in 2013 won a silver for midget boys discus, Ty Peterson won a bronze in 2013 for midget boys shotput, Shaelyn Standish in 2014 won a silver for senior girls 4 X 100 m relay, Jessica Szeles won a bronze in 2014 for female wrestling, Shaelyn Standish won a bronze in 2014 for senior girls long jump, Zack Spray in 2015 won a silver for junior boys discus, Ty Peterson in 2015 won a silver for senior boys shotput, and Tanesha Novak won a bronze for midget girls 4 X 100 m relay.
In team sports provincial medals (silver and bronze) have been won by the following:  1969 girls volleyball - silver, 1976 girls volleyball – silver, 1978 boys volleyball – silver, 1979 girls volleyball – silver, 1981 girls volleyball – silver, 1983 girls volleyball – silver, 1986 boys volleyball – bronze, 1989 boys volleyball – bronze, 1991 boys volleyball – silver, 1993 boys volleyball – silver, 1994 boys volleyball – bronze, 1996 boys volleyball – silver, 1997 boys volleyball – silver, 1999 girls volleyball – silver, 2000 boys volleyball – bronze, 2001 boys volleyball – bronze, 2004 girls volleyball – silver, 2006 girls basketball – bronze, 2006 girls volleyball – silver, 2006 boys volleyball – silver, 2007 girls volleyball - bronze.
Present School Profile
Kelvington High School follows the curriculum that is set out by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Learning.  As a result, the instruction at KHS is guided by specific, stated, and challenging indicators for each grade level.  Instructional strategies used by teachers recognize the individual learning styles, promote independent learning, and result in students who are actively engaged in the learning process.  The academic progress of each student is monitored and evaluated to ensure that learning and progress is taking place.
Each year KHS offers a wide range of activities for students to get involved in during the course of each school year.  During the school year KHS offers the following activities: yearbook,  student representative council, graduation, canteen, computer tech support, drama,  work experience, career day, noon intramurals, recycling, volunteer activities (both in and out of the school), Spring Supper, golf, cross country running, track and field, volleyball, basketball, badminton, and curling.

Annual activities and celebrations at KHS include:
  • Welcome back to school activities
  • Terry Fox school walk
  • Fundraiser for Terry Fox Foundation
  • Remembrance Day ceremony
  • Various presenters depending on school / SRC focus
  • KHS food drive for the Kelvington Food Bank
  • KHS Formal Day and Christmas Dinner
  • a visit by a Saskatchewan Roughrider
  • Downhill ski trip
  • Telemiracle fundraiser
  • Graduation ceremony
  • Awards Night
  • Orientation for students who are new to the school
Over the years Kelvington High School has created and maintained a number of partnerships that promote the youth in our community and enhance the educational experience for the students of our school.  The following are a list of partners that we have at the school:
  • Praire North COOP            
  • Accent Credit Union – Kelvington Branch
  • Kelvington Chronicle
  • Kelvington Radio / Wadena News
  • Kelvington Central Equipment
  • Kelvington Trailblazers
  • RCMP
  • Kelvington Volunteer Fire Department
  • Kelvington Ambulance
  • Narfason's Funeral Chapel and Crematorium
  • Whiteline Autobody
  • Kelvington Pharmachoice
  • Kelsey Trail Health Region
  • Public Health Nurse
  • Community Wellness Coordinator
  • Power in Play
  • Knights of Columbus
  • Kelvington Food Bank
  • Kelvington Lionelles
  • Kelvington Mens' Service Club                       
  • Affinity Credit Union – Lintlaw Branch
  • GX94 Radio Station
  • Bolt 107.5 Radio Station
  • Robert Melrose Elementary School
  • Rose Valley School
  • Nawigizigweyas Education Center
  • Jan's Pizza
  • Richardson Pioneer
  • Pattison Agriculture
  • KHS Alumni
  • Kelvington Golf Course
  • Kelvington Skating Rink
  • Kelvington Bowling Alley
  • Kelvington Curling Rink
  • Kelvington Swimming Pool
  • Kelvington and District Recreation Board
  • Kelvington Ag Society
  • Kelvington Historical Society
  • Kelvington School of Dance
  • Kelvington Interagency
  • Town of Kelvington
  • SARBI (Saskatchewan Association for the Rehabilitation of the Brain Injured)